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All cosmetic procedures at our clinic are provided by Dr Justin Evans, who is a medical doctor bound by Australian medical professional standards and regulations, ensuring the highest standards of care.

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Whether you are looking to soften lines or wrinkles, enhance or redefine your facial features, our aesthetic injectable service provides high-quality and specialised treatments for all patients by a qualified medical specialist, Dr Justin Evans.

Justin is dedicated to his patients and provides them with top quality medical and cosmetic aesthetic skin care. His attention to detail and focus on patient safety in all procedures is his number one priority.

Justin offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures including anti-wrinkle treatments, fillers, skin checks and the use of neurotoxin for medical applications such as excessive sweating and teeth grinding.

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Cosmetic and Medical Treatments

Filler Treatments: Hyaluronic Acid



Jaw line

Temporal hollow


Static lines

More filler treatment options are available

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Anti-wrinkle treatments: Neurotoxin Type A

Upper facial lines: Forehead, frown & crows feet

Brow lift

Lip flip

Bunny Lines

Chin (cobblestone chin)

Gummy smile

More anti-wrinkle treatment options are available

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Medical treatments: Neurotoxin Type A

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating): Armpits, hands & feet

Masseters (teeth grinding, temporomandibular dysfunction & pain)

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Fat Reduction

Submental fat reduction

Double Chin

Fat Dissolving

Chin Tightening

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